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Smart Channel Bender (SCB420F)
· Product No. :   MC1001SW
· Place of Origin :   KOREA
· Packaging Details :   Wooden box


 Detailed Product Description

  Our innovative automatic bending machine, Smart channel bender cannot be resembled by others. Given the question of how many circular saws are required to make 85 different angles, our answer is just clear that “Only one saw is enough.” This is our main technology, which can make Smart channel bender unique from the other similar bending machines.

   SCB420F consist of six motors: 3 servo motors and 3 stepping motors. This incredible combination of motors enables you to create the channel letter with almost unerring accuracy.  
The existing bending machine companies have been using three or four circular saws to make the limited numbers of angles. Unlike these companies, our company, as a world leader, created the innovative automatic channel bending machine which can make over eighty angels with only one circular saw.  Our automatic channel bending machine is made with servo motors and stepping motors which have the reputation of the best products both in Korea and in Japan and our machine reveals its perfect accuracy for cutting. In addition, our automatic channel bending machine equips the LCD controller monitor in addition with the computer monitor to watch every safety issue and prevent the safety accidents.

  Within one month after Smart bender was appeared on the market in Korea in early 2012, we already received much more advance orders over our production capacity. Especially, we are very proud of saying our first overseas buyer on March, 2012 is one of the famous German channel letter companies and the company expresses its satisfaction with smart bender.      Given the reputation of German with its huge emphasis on the accuracy, the compliment toward our Smart channel bender from the top channel letter company in German is the great honor to our company.        


1)  Cutting & bending angles: All angles within ( 45° ~ 130° ) with convertible bending outlet tools
                                    Two kinds of bending outlet tools are provided for the beginning installation
                                    ( flat type for flat bar like a stainless bar,  All-in-one type for alumium profile,
                                     and Separable type for aluminum profile)

2)  Size: 2400 x 1150 x 1800

3)  Weight: 730kgs

4)  Motor: Totally 6 motors - 3 Servo motors (750W/200W/400W) and 3 Stepping motors(200K/200K/41K)

5)  Software: Smart Channel (Korean / English / Chniese),  All kinds of graphic files are compatible.
             Easy to learn and various kinds of unbelievable functions for channel letter making.                   
             Channel letters of every contry on earth can be made (English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese...)

6)  Precision: 0.01mm ( world class level by top-quality operating 3 servo &  3 stepping motors )

7)  Letter range: 15cm and more

8)  Control axis: 6 ways driving of one circular saw  (the world's first technology)

9)  Feeding Speed: 10 ~ 14m/min

10)  Profile material width(Max) : 120mm

11)  Profile material thickness(Max):  2mm (including stainless steel)

12)  Profile material compatibility : Aluminum profile (All in one or Separable type),
                                            Stainless steel, Galvanizing sheet  etc.
                                            Two kinds of  changeable outlet tools 
                                            (Aluminum profile bending and flat bar bending like a stainless steel, 
                                             galvanizing sheet.. can be done by one single machine in accodance with
                                             applying two kinds of changeable outlet tools)

13)  Separated LCD Controller system is applied

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